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an Asahi Glassplant, Inc. company

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for over 85 years!

Original H.S. Martin company publication.

             Throughout the years, one thing has remained unchanged - our commitment to excellence. For over three quarters of a century our company's policy has been to produce glassware of the highest quality. Since our beginning in 1932, we have been involved with the health care, aerospace, educational, petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, just to name few. During this time we have proudly worked alongside the leaders in these various industries to develop glassware and apparatus which will help lead us all into the next generation of technology.

           The H.S. Martin name can be found on glassware in laboratories throughout the world. Our products are backed by 85 years of experience


         In addition to our extensive line of standard products, we specialize in designing and manufacturing glassware and systems to meet your specific needs. Our OEM manufacturing includes Quartz and Borosilicate glass, such as lasers, glass to metal sealing, stems and feedthroughs, and quartz envelopes with metal sealing through transition glasses. Our capabilities include quartz and borosilicate glass resizing and ultrasonic drilling. We also priduce specialty products from customer specifications in quartz and most other glasses.

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Original H.S. Martin company publications. Click to enlarge.